The Currency of Real

by Cris Gladly on January 31, 2014

image source: pinterest

image source: pinterest

I have to say …
there is something really cool about opening your drawer
and seeing a small stash of foreign currency
and it not seeming to be some sort of fiction or novelty
(like arcade tokens, or monopoly money,
as it has always felt to me when someone would gift me foreign currency before).

Now I look at it and know that
(a) it’s MINE, I got it there … myself, and
(b) it’s actual MONEY.

My little left over stash of Aussie cash.

And I know exactly what each coin and bill is
and what each is worth
and it’s no longer just like … “ohhhh, pretty paper/pretty metal !!”

It isn’t decorative; it’s real money,
even if it only equals, like, $8.25 AUD

(I also like that I know to write AUD!!) :)

It is the smallest things about my Australia trip
that have meant the most to me since my return.

These little shifts in what I now know that I didn’t know before.
And these things I now have done that I hadn’t before.

Things, that seemed like fantasy before, that now having touched them
…  they have become real.

All of these quiet ways I came home … expanded.

I love the lovely aftershocks of this trip
and how the waves of them keeping lapping to shore in my mind.

xo! ~ cg

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