NYE in Sydney: Boom. Boom. POW!

by Cris Gladly on January 1, 2014

image source: www.afar.com

image source: www.afar.com

So, Sydney seriously WOWed it out last night!!

Had an amazing time with Christopher.
(My girly Self is tearing up again just thinking about it.)

There were so many moments last night when tears fell
because I was just so happy …
and just amazed that this night was actually happening.

My heart was so full I just couldn’t hold it in.

Our night felt spectacularly, amazingly private.

We were walking the streets in throngs of people,
but because Christopher knows the city so well, he knew exactly when to depart,
and where to turn, and when to wait, to somehow avoid it all.

It felt like we were parting the red sea wherever we went.
That felt magical somehow,
like the whole night was there and the whole city was there … just for us.

And I just held his hand and let him lead me through the night.

We went to a lovely dinner
and then went to the balcony at his office to watch the 9pm fireworks
(which were just the warm up fireworks to appease families w/ children
who were out in the city last night, but were still great).

After which, the streets were instantly flooded with people trying to hustle out of the city.

Christopher tucked us, almost entirely unseen, behind a walkway wall
just a few steps away from the street where we waited, quietly kissing, for awhile
while literally hundreds and hundreds of people streamed by us in the street
as they poured their way to the trains.

After a bit of time, Christopher took my hand and smirked
and said “okay, let’s go” and off we went toward the trains.
Sure enough, having waited JUST long enough
that the crowds had dissipated almost entirely.

(He knows his city SO well.)

In no time at all, we stepped onto a train in a nearly empty compartment
and had the easiest ride home you could imagine in a city packed to the gills with people.
Per usual, Christopher’s timing was perfection.

image source: pinterest

image source: pinterest

We walked home from the station in the dark,
and once home, we had a fire and an indoor picnic
and watched the main Sydney fireworks on TV
(which were stunning!!!)

And midnight was just him and me.

The entire Universe was just him and me.

And there were more happy tears on my part.
And as I’m writing this (with more tears) I’m thinking …
nothing I’m saying here is doing this amazing night justice.

It sounds so simple, but it meant everything to me.
I can’t explain it.

Only that it meant absolutely everything to me.
And my heart is still so full that this is all happening that I can barely hold it in.

Now, it’s YOUR turn to welcome in New Year’s back home,
and I’m thinking of you all so much.

As promised, I put tons of love onto the New Year for you.
So get ready for it!!
It’s on its way to you now.

And when it reaches you,
I hope it finds you with your hearts full, as well.

Oh, and if you didn’t get to watch the Sydney midnight fireworks,
I”m sharing this link with you here (below).
Give them a look … sooooo beautiful.
The city lit up behind them was equally beautiful.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Everyone!!

xo! ~ cg

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