Greedily, Joyfully More

by Cris Gladly on January 4, 2014

image by *GretaTu

image by *Greta Tu

Just wrapped up a fantastic 48 hours
which started with a dreamy date night:
dinner with a view of the city under strands of twinkle lights,
yummy gelato, followed by strolling the streets hand-in-hand.

Then, a day of me exploring on my own:
the Museum of Contemporary Art, bookshops, lattes, macaroons
before meeting up with Christopher and two of his friends
for a meandering adventure through back alleys,
and down dodgy staircases and back elevators
to explore some of the most amazing candlelit bars and cool restaurants I’ve ever seen.

Then yesterday, Christopher and I spent our first true “lazy Saturday” together
(something we’ve pretty much dreamed of doing since our beginning)
sleeping in late, then heading off tobrunch,
strolling the Saturday markets, leisurely roaming around a local quaint neighborhood.

Instagram photo by Cris Gladly

Instagram photo by Cris Gladly

We even went on an adventure to find a secret maze
tucked down a random street that was absolutely darling!

(Christopher was a trooper to indulge me in this excursion,
as it was quite the hike up and down steep streets to find it, and once there,
the maze was really quite tiny #MermaidImpulse).

Ended the day back home with an easy dinner of take-out by candlelight
and as for the rest of the evening, … well,
… I’ll keep that part private (thank you very much).

Seriously though, a fabulous few days.

AND NOW … today … (eek) … today I meet his boys!!
We get them from 9am-3pm.
They are taking me to the zoo.

A little bit nervous and also very excited to meet them.

After time with them, we then go to dinner with his mom and step-dad so I can meet them, too.
So … an important day ahead.

Loving Sydney more and more now that I’m finding places that feel like ME.
Lots of quirky, independent spots.

Instagram photo by Cris Gladly

Instagram photo by Cris Gladly

Realized yesterday that the trip is more than half over already.
Only one week left.

Have to really focus on enjoying it
rather than feeling like time is running through my fingers like sand.

This trip has only made me want MORE time with Christopher, not less.
Not what we’ve had. More!!
Greedily MORE.

Every day my heart breaks open a little further and a little more.
And as it does, all of these new wants and new hopes slide into that expanding space.

And all the while, I’m missing Emerson with an ache I can feel in my bones.
I miss her like you would not believe.
She is still my North Star …
even as the rest of the shining, sparkling Universe is slowly and beautifully revealing itself to me.

happily expanding #gladlybeyond

xoxo to all of you.
This trip feels bigger than little me.
But I’m rising and breathing into it.
(It’s been more than I even hoped for.)

xo! ~ cg

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