And It’s Up She Goes!

by Cris Gladly on December 26, 2013

" ... and it's up she goes."

” … and it’s up she goes.”

Alright, kids. This is it!

Bags packed. House sitter settled in. Heart ready to roam.

Wish me luck and send good energy. Today is the day my whole world gets bigger.

I can’t even articulate what a monumental milestone this is for me.
Flying half-way around the world for LOVE and ADVENTURE = good stuff!

Thank you to everyone who has shared in the excitement.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go see the world a little bit.

#gladlybeyond is actually going BEYOND today. So excited!!!!

I’m Sydney bound! First passport stamp, here I come!

xo! ~ cg

See my Sydney trip photos on Instagram

Note: This post originally appeared on Facebook


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